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In the last couple of years, workplace challenges have escalated, together with the suffering caused by the pandemic. Many company employees were forced to work from home, and the feedback varies from person to person. Some people prefer working in the office. However, some decided to continue working from home, even when the situation has improved.

Despite this hybrid model, company leaders still need their team to engage in a new set of skills since managing a remote group is also a challenge. There is less communication and more isolation, and sometimes there can be a lack of trust and disempowerment.


More ways to be organized

Nowadays, it’s easier to organize files, data emails because of generalized storage where everyone on the team can access the files they need. To make it more efficient, you can invest in sophisticated technology where AI and automation occur. For example, in project management, you need to find better ways to work smartly. Setting up an RFP response builder can be a big help.

Allowing flexibility and more communication

When working with remote teams, it’s essential to let them have flexible hours to maintain productivity and consistency. As much as a concrete plan is required, you can also be open about adjusting strategies as needed. Remember, you can’t apply everything that works in the office to remote workers.

As you allow flexibility, this works well with communication. Talk to your team about their respective schedules and ask them to talk amongst themselves. That way, they can plan to do their tasks and be more organized. Additionally, you’ll know who’s available at a specific time, and anyone can reach out to one another if they need to.

Keeping track of the team’s progress

As flexibility and communication are correctly in place, you should also create a way to track one another’s work progress. You can place it in a centralized tracker to know your team’s work schedule, along with the tasks that you or your clients expect them to accomplish in the day. This is also an effective form of communication that can prevent you from constantly wondering how everyone is doing. It would provide your team with the structure they need to do their job.

Being available and building connections

When working from home, people don’t have an environment that can keep them constantly motivated and engaged to focus on their work. This doesn’t consider the feelings of being isolated, disorientated, or even disassociated. This is why it’s essential to stay connected to ensure they’re doing well and not having any mental struggles that’ll affect their own and the entire team’s workflow.

Encourage them to share better ways to work productively and even improve their mental health with you and the rest of the team. Allow them to talk about anything else that doesn’t regard work if they need to. Sharing little personal conversations can ease their minds, and learning about other people’s ways might also help. Being alone with your thoughts can sometimes make you feel alone and unimportant.

Expressing recognition and celebrating success

Recognition is not just about giving out awards or implementing events. Still, it’s also about bringing out the best in the employees to further progress the company’s advancement. Recognizing someone’s work and contribution, whether they’re a regular employee, a third party, or an independent contractor, it’s always best to let them know you appreciate their work and input to the company.

It doesn’t even have to be a big celebration, but it can be a small announcement or public recognition. Not only does it bring visibility and praise to a single worker or a certain team, but it can also be a motivation and inspiration for them to keep up the excellent work or work even harder.

Private recognition is a nice thing to implement as well. An employee or a team needs to know that they’re doing good for the company instead of just being reached out to only to correct their mistakes. Not all workers feel the need to be celebrated in public or awarded a certificate. However, they still need to be aware if they’re being valued and appreciated.

While working from home is hard enough, leaders are having difficulty honing their skills to address this new workforce even more. That’s why, as a leader, you need to come up with ways to manage your team better to keep them motivated and engaged and even improve teamwork and workflow. On top of these, business leaders must make their employees, onsite or outsourced, feel safe, included, and relevant.

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