Comic Books: What are its Benefits?

comic books

Comic books may seem to be a juvenile thing to get into, especially if all you can associate it with are Archie and the Gang, Peanuts, and superheroes.

Surprisingly, a lot of experts agree that comic books are valuable not just to pop culture but to our overall well-being.

So if you’re an aspiring industry professional who’s looking at a self-publishing company to get your work off the ground, there’s no need to be ashamed of getting into the comic book scene. There are far more good things that this industry is doing than just providing juvenile amusement.

Here are some ways that comic books benefit us:

  1. Comic books teach us to think out-of-the-box.

From interpreting what happens to the characters in between panels to spurring creativity and artistry, comic books give readers the chance to nurture their imagination and creativity.

When people think of comic books, they think of it as children’s books with pictures and words, not realizing that comic books now are geared for a more mature audience and not kindergartners.

When you read comic books, it requires the reader’s active participation to follow what goes on in each panel and understand fully the themes and subplots surrounding each story arc and issue.

  1. Comic books are great sources of information.

Comic books are a great way of passing on historical, scientific, philosophical, and moral information in an amusing way.

Pick up a Flash comic book and you’ll learn about the correlation between speed, distance, and time. Grab an issue of Detective Comics and sharpen your sleuthing information processing skills. X-Men has always taught about fairness, equality, and acceptance regardless of our differences.

Comic books also serve as a link to the past. If you pick up an issue of Tales of Suspense from the 70s, notice how the artwork reflected the signs of the times. The very first appearance of Sergeant Rock in Our Army at War #83 has numerous references to Easy Company and the Second World War.

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  1. Comic book stories are good for mental health.

As a hobby and object of interest, comic books are stress relievers and distractions that give both children and adults a break from the challenges and difficulties of their lives. It gives them a momentary escape into a world where kids get to fuel their imagination and adults to exercise theirs.

Comic books also provide intellectual stimulation, hope, and inspiration to some. Younger comic book readers get to have role models whose moral compasses and sense of justice are intact. Superman, Captain America, Silver Surfer. These are characters that are morally upstanding and honorable in every way.

Adults, on the other hand, are released into a world where they can revisit their long-lost imagination due to adulting and the stressors that go with it. It allows them to utilize once again their creativity and imagination. It enables them to take care of their health mentally and emotionally even if it’s just a means of an escape from their everyday struggles.

  1. Comic books are more than mere superhuman stories.

Just because comic book properties are all the rage in Hollywood, such as the Avengers and Justice League, doesn’t mean that superhero stories are the only thing comic book companies produce.

There is a lot of other outstanding titles that have nothing to do with meta-humans. Sandman, Y: The Last Man, Maus, and The Walking Dead are just some great examples of top-notch titles that don’t involve any superheroes. Fables is another line that gives us a fresh take on some of our favorite childhood stories. The options are endless.

Whatever genre you’re interested in, whatever your motivation is for picking up and collecting comic books, more than being a collectible and a form of entertainment, they add value to you as a person. So don’t be ashamed to pick up that latest issue of Action Comics, X-Men, or double digest Archie. Read it and enjoy it.

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