Helping Parents Find More Dimensions of Efficiency in Life

There are many ways to describe being a parent – busy, hectic, joyful, frustrating, prideful, nerve-wracking. How we feel depends on the day and the situation. It’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions that, at the end of the day, when we say goodnight or watch them sleep, we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. But that’s not to say we can’t be on the lookout for ways to make our lives as parents more organized.

Enter dimensions of efficiency, a term usually used in business or economic circles to refer to productivity. In the parenting world, this term lends itself to strategies and techniques that add depth and layers to how parents accomplish tasks to make life more manageable. In this blog, we’ll explore ways to help parents find more dimensions of efficiency in life.

1. Find a Reputable Mechanic

Finding a reputable mechanic for your family’s car needs can increase your efficiency as a parent. Knowing your car is in good hands can take a lot off your mind when one of your vehicles breaks down. Nothing is worse than trying to get through your day without a car, except trying to get through the day without worrying if you’ll be charged an arm and a leg or if the vehicle can be fixed.

If you have children, especially those of driving age, you want to ensure you have a trustworthy auto mechanic you can trust with your child’s safety, as well as your own. If you can, find a local mechanic with ties to the community. Perhaps a family-owned business that lives and socializes with you. They are more likely to give good service because they want to maintain their standing in the community.

However, you want your auto mechanic to have experience and expertise and pay attention to detail. They should inspect your vehicle thoroughly, listen to your concerns, and explain the issue. A reputable mechanic will be transparent and trustworthy by not doing any work until you know the price tag.

It’s also essential that they guarantee their work. The last thing any parent needs is more unexpected costs. A good mechanic will be willing to work with you and your budget. If you explain your situation, most mechanics will work with you on cutting costs and arranging payments. Once you have a great mechanic, be sure to take your car for regular maintenance.

2. Schedule a Mobile Detailing Service

Anyone with a car knows that auto detailing can be a painfully intricate process. If you have kids, it’s almost impossible to get in all the nooks and crannies to deliver your vehicle from crumbs, lollipop sticks, wrappers, and the invariable sticky stuff that collects from seemingly nowhere. A traditional car wash and detailing service is excellent if you can fit it into your busy schedule.

Many folks put it off because the thought of sitting in a car wash waiting area for hours is too much. This is part of the reason mobile car detailing has become so popular over the past few years. Not only do you not have to wash and vacuum your car, but you can have a professional come to wherever your car is. You can quickly work it into your schedule, and many people think it’s better for the car.

Mobile detailers tend to care more about your vehicle and use better quality products than regular car washes. You can expect a mobile detailed to wash, wax, and polish the exterior of your car. This includes the tires. Some will steam clean the engine, buff out scratches, and do paint touch-ups upon request.

When it comes to the interior, the derailer will use air pressure to loosen up dirt and debris and then vacuum thoroughly. They clean and polish the seats, trim, knobs, and even the seatbelts. This is an excellent gift if you have a teenage driver because they don’t always think about the upkeep of a car.

Between driving friends around and trips through the drive-thru, things can get ugly fast. When choosing a mobile detail company, check them out first. It’s such a popular service that many scammers are using it as a front to get your money and run.

3. Check for Asbestos Before Moving Into a Home

One way to have dimensions of efficiency as a parent and in your home is to identify and remedy potential hazards. One such danger revolves around asbestos. This fibrous material was popular from the 1940s through the 1970s for its ability to act as an acoustic and thermal insulator. Another selling point was it was fire retardant, which increased safety.

Unfortunately, it was not known at the time that it caused cancer and lung damage if the tiny fibers were inhaled. So, if you are buying a home built before 1978 (when asbestos was banned), you should have the home inspected for it beforehand. The dangerous material is often found around steampipes, boilers, air ducts, roofing, and siding. It can also be seen in a spray or speckled form on ceilings and walls in older homes where it was used for decorative purposes.

If you discover asbestos in your home, the best thing to do is leave it alone. That is if it’s in good condition. If you can, seal off the area or make sure nobody goes near and disturbs it. Should you find it degrading and deteriorating, you must have it removed. Don’t try to do it yourself; call your local health department, and they will advise you as to the next step to contact an asbestos safety expert about the removal process.

4. Learn Online

In this golden age of technology, more and more people are taking advantage of online learning. Adults and children take virtual classes for everything from real estate licensing to SAT prep. It seems there’s a virtual class for just about everything from dance and exercises to an online course in first aid. There are even some private schools and companies that offer virtual K-12 learning.

While learning everything online may not appeal to everyone and does take some of the social aspects out of learning, there’s no doubt it has its place. Virtual classes are great for people who want to take self-paced college courses, stay-at-home parents who need the convenience, and parents who homeschool their kids and want enrichment courses. Online courses are also great for general enrichment or to learn a new skill.

5. Hire A Mediator

Sometimes, there comes a time within a family when parents have to make the tough decision to stay together and work out issues causing division or separation. This is especially difficult when children are involved. When divorce is looming, there’s a lot to consider. Sometimes, hiring two lawyers can be financially unsound and cause even more division.

Hiring a mediator will not only save money, but it can also add to dimensions of efficiency when it comes to parenting, because you’re showing the key is that you can settle differences amicably. The mediation process involves you, your spouse, and a mediator (usually a lawyer) who is an impartial party. They will work with you both to come to a civil and legally binding agreement on matters related to child custody, support, and property division. Mediation can be much less expensive and time-consuming than going through the courts.

6. Shop Online

Dimensions of efficiency, when applied to parenting, are directly related to saving time, convenience, and productivity. Basically, to make life easier in some areas, be able to dedicate more time to the more significant issues like spending quality time together. One terrific way to streamline your busy life is to shop online.

Nowadays, there’s nothing you can’t get online, from same-day groceries and cat food to next-day clothing and car parts. Some places like Instacart will even keep track and tell you how much time you saved shopping online. It doesn’t need to be a solitary experience either; you can quickly peruse the online stores with your kids or spouse.

You can even shop online but opt for in-store pick-up to get out of the house. Well-known grocery and chain stores aren’t the only places to ship. Many places on social media offer pages or shops where you can buy custom-made or second-hand goods at discount prices. In these virtual spaces, you can find funds for everything from outdoor chairs for sale to monogrammed salt shakers.

7. Locate Garden Efficiency Tools

One way to add dimensions to your parenting is to practice efficient gardening. This includes a variety of techniques, including aquaponics, container, raised bed, vertical, and greenhouse. The idea behind efficient gardening is to make the most of space, conserve resources, and be able to do year-round gardening.

You can make this a family activity by choosing veggies and herbs that everyone lives with and tending to the garden together. The best way to practice this form of gardening is to purchase efficient gardening tools. These tools could include repurposed wood and enriched soil for the raised beds or fencing, wiring, and watering components for a vertical garden. The nice thing about this is you can buy kits or do it yourself most of the time.

8. Work With Professionals to Manage Your Money

When you’re a parent, it’s imperative to keep track of your cash and save when you can. Children are expensive, especially as time passes and college is on the horizon. The average cost of a four-year college education is currently $55,000 per year. So, it’s a good idea to start multiple savings plans and look into investment management. This could include investing in traditional stocks, mutual funds, hedge funds, and real estate.

This can help you build a portfolio that can help keep your family financially secure for years to come. To help keep your money safe, organized, and working for you, you should consider employing the help of professionals like accountants, stockbrokers, and a general financial advisor. This is especially important if your family owns the business. You want to keep your business accounts separate from your accounts.

9. Choose Professionals to Manage Your Real Estate

Whether buying, selling, or investing, it’s always a good idea to have professionals help you in your real estate search. You can specify your needs and let them do the work for you. This will ensure you get the best quality leads while being able to spend time with your family.

For example, a real estate agent will sift through all the listings and arrange showings according to your schedule. They will do your bidding, handle negotiations, and complete all necessary paperwork. You may also consider working with a real estate lawyer, especially if your family is investing in commercial property. Finding professionals experienced in commercial real estate can help you protect your investments.

10. Purchase Good Flooring For Your Business

You may be wondering what flooring for your business has to do with dimensions of efficiency in parenting. If you’re a family-run business, the kids will likely be there often. Having epoxy floors installed can increase safety and save time. Epoxy flooring is made from resin and is typically laid over the top of concrete. It can be designed in just about any way to improve aesthetics.

But the main reason for this flooring is it’s got a non-slip surface, so the kids are less likely to fall. It’s also durable and makes sense where kids are at. The surface is easy to clean and stain-resistant, so any messes the kids make can be wiped away quickly. Not to mention that epoxy flooring will help keep any employees and customers you have safe too. If appropriately installed, this durable, economical flooring can last for years.

Being a parent requires that you wear many hats. It may seem like you’re always on the go and trying to please everyone. But adding some of these dimensions of efficiency to your life can help make that roller-coaster ride a bit smoother.



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