Understanding the Merits of a Mobile App for Your Business

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It’s easy to underestimate the limited power of mobile devices. Size-wise, a smartphone would certainly be puny compared to a PC. Computing-wise, a tablet can no way compete with a laptop. But mobile devices have a strength that allows them to rule over heavier hardware. It’s basically their portability. When you have something you can carry just about anywhere you go, even to the top of Mt. Everest, that device can easily become a most powerful business tool.

The pandemic proved that. Mobile devices drove access to websites. In America alone, more than half of the visits were done via mobile in 2020; only 36% of these visits were made via desktops. Add 3% from tablets, which are also considered mobile by definition, and you know mobile is leading the charge when it comes to commerce. The same lopsided trend towards mobile is observed worldwide.

All this is telling us mobile offers a platform too hard to ignore. Advertising also has evolved. Instead of the old-school leaflets, billboards, and print ads, businesses prefer to deliver ads directly via mobile.

Today, statistics show there are now over 8.9 million mobile apps on the planet. In 2019 alone, people downloaded about 200 billion apps, a number that should have risen higher during the pandemic.

Fortunately for you, if you’re still unsure about the merits of a mobile app for your business, here’s a kicker. We’re giving you the lowdown on what’s on the table when you decide to put up one.

Create Greater Value for Your Customers

Business is simple. You give service, and your clients open their wallets in return. But your business could be severely limited if you don’t make the most of mobile computing.

A good example here is government taxes. If you offer an accounting service to business people and other professionals to help them with their taxes, you’d need input data to arrive at the right number. Traditionally, your clients could send the data by compounding all their receipts of payments made and payments received and sending it to you online in bulk. But that means they’ll have to keep the physical receipts for some time (in their wallets or the car dashboard compartment), a process that’s sure to give them an undue burden.

But having a mobile app can make the process seamless. Computing the various taxes of an owner-operator would be easier if they can take a picture of a receipt while on the road and send it to you via an app every time they receive one. They won’t have the problem of having to keep a file of receipts or worry about losing some along the way. Imagine how convenient would that be for an owner-operator who manages 30 drivers.

Build a Stronger Branding

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It’s easier to trust something visible. Instead of talking about how amazing your brand is, they can show your mobile app to their friends and prove their point. Indeed, you strengthen your brand when you make use of a mobile app.

Plus, by allowing them to communicate with your brand, you cultivate further such trust. And that opens up more business opportunities. The greater their trust in your brand, the more attuned they become to your sales pitches.

A mobile app is a new way to advertise your brand. Instead of the traditional means to make your brand shine, such as table-top calendars and fridge magnets, you boost your brand with a mobile app right on their smartphone. Small wonder there’s an army of businesses looking to boost their mobile app strategy.

Provide Better Customer Relations

The time for face-to-face customer service is over, especially true with the virus around. It isn’t about direct contact anymore. Rather, it’s all about a better experience. This is where the ability of 2.6 billion people who tag along with a mobile device worldwide is tops.

With a mobile app, you’re actually sending a representative of the company right in their pockets. How your mobile app handles customer interaction will determine how your business will be remembered. Thus, it’s important that you make the user experience as seamless as possible via your app.

The good news? A mobile app never sleeps, unlike a human customer service representative.

Result in Bigger Profits for You

It’s all about customer satisfaction. When your client feels you’re giving them actual service, they’re bound to stick with you and keep those orders coming.

Who knows? Mobile app ordering is the preferred method of ordering during the pandemic. Indeed, there’s a lot of business via mobile apps. You have to ensure you get the biggest share of the pie.

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