How Brands Provide the Best Customer Experience

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The question, “Are you happy with your purchase?”, from a customer experience survey may seem simple at first, but it encompasses the essence of the entire customer journey. The journey follows the consumer’s journey from awareness to loyalty. It requires your brand to match your customer’s expectations from every stage leading to the end of the journey.

To say that your customer is- indeed- happy, it means that your brand is successful in having an impact on their feelings and emotions. The customer experience is the make-or-break factor that will decide the level of their loyalty, or lack thereof, in the future.

Connecting with customers on an emotional level requires personalized service. For instance, a customer of Zappos failed to return a pair of shoes on time due to her mother’s passing. When Zappos found out, they took care of the return shipping. The following day, the brand’s customer service team sent their condolences through a bouquet of flowers with a note.

The example above proves that customer experience is rooted in connection. In well-established industries, there are movers and shakers that give importance to customer experience. Here are some of them:

1.Pura Vida

If there’s one brand that maximizes customer feedback, it’s Pura Vida—a jewelry company selling handcrafted accessories. Testimonials, reviews, stories, and ratings from customers are visible on the brand’s page. Some brands merely utilize customer feedback to encourage the market to purchase a product. However, Pura Vida actually listens to this feedbacks by creating products based on the customer’s demands. The brand encourages its customers to submit their ideas, which makes them feel like they have a voice in the company. All in all, it creates an exciting customer experience by giving them something to look forward to.

2.Left on Friday

Online shopping is convenient. It saves you time and energy. However, there are items that seem impractical to buy online. This includes swimwear. It’s not enough to see a picture and the size measurements to choose which one to buy. After all, there are more variables to consider when you’re choosing swimwear, such as the cut and fabric. The brand, Left on Friday, changed that. The brand created an extensive guide to remove the uncertainty of online shoppers. Every product information has detailed illustrations and comparative references for better customer experience.
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3. Ettitude

You know a brand is worthy of praise when it achieves brand awareness through word-of-mouth. Ettitude is exactly that. Like swimwear, you don’t usually buy beddings online. Of course, you need to experience touching the fabric first. What the brand does is send a brochure with fabric swatches to customers inquiring about the product—for free!

4. Airbnb

More and more tourists are choosing Airbnb over hotels. Not only do they get to immerse with the locality, but the option also costs less than the typical hotel stay. Airbnb allows its customers to have a personalized travel experience while empowering property owners all over the world. The interaction between Airbnb hosts and their customers is an experience in itself that justifies the app’s fanbase.

Every business knows for a fact that customers are their lifeblood. Without them, the business is bound to fail. Because most brand-customer interactions happen online, brands utilize the medium to provide a customer experience worth remembering.

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