Do You Need to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Nowadays, businesses need an effective digital marketing plan to appeal to their target markets and reach their goals. However, creating a strong marketing strategy is not that easy. In this digital world, every business owner must master digital marketing channels to achieve their goals. From paid media to social media, every step requires a calculated decision-making process.

Furthermore, developing a strong digital marketing strategy involves a lot of other things. These include understanding the sales funnel, building buyer personas, creating content plans, and analyzing campaigns’ results. But how can you know if it’s the right time to update your digital marketing strategy? Read on.

ROI isn’t maximized

Among the most obvious signs of an ineffective marketing strategy is that you’re not getting the ROI you’re expecting. When evaluating your digital marketing campaigns, check which ones are working and not working. You can then compare the results of every campaign and determine your real ROI. If you’re not confident you are maximizing your ROI, then it is time to update your strategy.

Generally, to maximize your ROI, you also need to ensure your marketing and sales align and work towards the same goal. Moreover, don’t be afraid to perform testing to see what works best for your brand. You can try paid ads or use your Facebook page as your main advertising channel.

Poor conversions

Great traffic is just one part of running a digital marketing campaign. However, if your website visitors are not converting into paying customers, you clearly won’t get the ROI you’re looking for. Make use of analytics tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your website conversions. Determine why most of your visitors are not purchasing your product. Is there something unclear with your forms? Is your website hard to navigate? Are your pages loading fast? Do you lack product descriptions for your customers’ reference when browsing?

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Content left unclicked

If you notice that your target audience is not clicking, engaging, and sharing your content, take time to determine why. Don’t feel discouraged that your readers are not clicking on your content. Instead, find a solution. Content research regarding your targets’ current interests, preferences, and factors that impact their purchasing decisions. This will help you make the necessary adjustments in your content marketing campaigns and provide more relevant pieces to your audience.

For instance, if you’re a provider of reclaimed barnwood flooring, it’s best to highlight your product’s creative uses rather than sharing unrelated or ordinary topics. A well-structured piece of writing won’t get clicks if the topic itself isn’t interesting to the readers.

Fallen off Google’s radar

Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns play a huge role in boosting a business’s online visibility. However, expect that some of your SEO strategies may become less effective over time. Traffic, conversions, and revenues may decline. You can even lose your rankings. The technical aspect of a site is the most common reason for a ranking drop. Note that search engines consider the usability, speed, security, and structure of a website to rank it. If you cannot update your website based on these changing parameters, then a ranking drop is expected.

As part of an effective digital marketing strategy, ensure your SEO campaign is updated at all times. Is your website mobile-friendly? Are there any broken images on your pages? Is your site loading within two seconds? Conduct proper performance and speed tests to determine what needs to be fixed.

Decreasing email sign-ups

We all know that email sign-ups are an evident sign that your marketing message and offerings are interesting and relevant to people. However, if your email sign-ups are decreasing month by month, there might be a problem with your offering or landing pages. This isn’t good news if you’re looking to increase your leads and conversion. To fix this, check if your email sign-up process is smooth or convenient to the people. One of the common reasons consumers don’t sign-up for email lists is that the process is complex or requires numerous steps.

Watch out for the signs we’ve listed above so you can easily determine when’s the right time to revamp your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that every area in the digital world is changing time by time. This is why it’s vital to make sure your strategy is still relevant and effective if you want to generate traffic and sales continuously. Strive for improvements, and your brand will surely get that success you’ve been dreaming of.

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