Gaming Computer: Should You Buy or Build?

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Gaming has reached new heights in recent years, with 4k graphics, intensive surround sound, and smooth performance that has seen FPS rates above and beyond. Of course, all this good stuff requires the hardware to run, and with tons of AAA titles continuously coming out, you may want to get yourself a machine that can handle these demands. The choice comes down to buying a pre-built computer or building a desktop.

Building with a Custom Builder

There are a lot of companies that specialize in custom PC builds depending on your needs and specifications, from the internal components to the aesthetic features. It is an excellent option for those who want a one-stop buying journey and have a particular shop or brand they’ve eyed that can effectively serve them well but also desire a decked-out look that is customized. Usually, these services have features on their websites that can help you pick out each part and see the tally of the total price you’ll pay for the rig you’re building.

It shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your specific style, with shops like Xidax and others that service globally. Their online building platform gives a good idea of the type of hardware you can get to fit the look and performance you’re going for. You’ll see these types of builds on power users for gaming, heavy editing, and work stations alike. The benefit here is that experts will be the ones to build your PC, even the most expensive gaming one, for you based on your specifications.

Building the Mix-and-Match Style

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This option is suitable for those who want to build their own rig and are keener to mix and match different brands when it comes to motherboard, processor, and graphics cards. Doing this would require a bit more knowledge or at least research since you’ll have to check the compatibilities, but it can end up getting you the power you need for an affordable price.

Budget builders and hobbyists often opt for this route because of its flexibility in making use of different components to suit any aesthetic or budget. This option also opens up the possibility of using some secondhand parts to lessen the overall expense on the build. People who want to do the handiwork themselves and are set up for upgradability in the future opt for this style.

Buying a Pre-Built Rig

Not all gaming desktops are specifically built per person. Many of the most prominent players in the industry always come out with offerings annually to hone in on the gaming market’s demands. If you want to stick to one trusted manufacturer and don’t want to think about the parts you have to put together, this option is the way to go. It also comes with an installed OS.

That said, it also means less customizability and that you’ll likely have to search for a unit that has all the exact specs you’re looking for. These pre-built machines often come packed with a hefty price, and the best-of lists are dominated by the likes of Alienware, Corsair, and HP. You can also get parts from these manufacturers for any build you end up setting up yourself.

Data from different PC component sales shows that around three million people build desktops every year. That accounts for both those who build towers alone and those who make full set-ups with accessories and peripherals included. Whichever route you pick, you’ll be part of a vast community of PC users who know exactly what they want.

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