Tips for Engaging and Safe Hunting Experience With Kids

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  •  Start hunting with kids by targeting small game, prioritizing safety, and teaching proper hunting etiquette.
  • Invest in quality hunting equipment; a good knife, backpack, and boots are essential.
  • Make the hunting experience comfortable, enjoyable, and interactive for kids, incorporating decision-making and technology.
  • Hunting with children teaches valuable life skills and can create lasting family memories.

The world is changing, and unfortunately, kids are becoming less interested in outdoor activities. While some parents are still trying to encourage their children to experience the great outdoors, it’s great to see some embracing the hunting culture and passing it on to the next generation. Hunting with kids can be a fun, safe, and gratifying experience if done right. This blog post will provide tips on how to make hunting with kids an enjoyable and memorable experience for both you and them.

Start Small:

First, start with small game like squirrels and rabbits. This will give your child a chance to learn the basics of hunting, like learning the safety rules, identifying animals, and developing their hunting skills.

It will also give them a sense of accomplishment when they catch their first game, and it can also be an excellent way for parents to bond with their children while teaching them life skills. For starters, you can identify surrounding areas where they can hunt, and you can even take them to a shooting range and let them practice with a rifle before going out in the field.

Make it educational by teaching your children about the game you’re hunting. Explain different terms like bagging, harvesting, cleaning, and processing. Show them how to prepare and safely store the catch.

kids forest with their dad at the back

Teach Proper Hunting Etiquette:

Hunting etiquette is an integral part of the hunting experience. Respect for nature and the environment should always be taught. Teach your children these values so they understand the importance of preserving nature and ethical hunting. Here are some other things to teach them:

Safety First:

Safety is always the top priority. Before you take your child hunting, make sure you’re both familiar with the firearm you’ll be using. Teach your child how to handle it safely, how to carry it, and how to aim it at the target. Safety training should always be provided by experienced adult hunters, and there should always be adult supervision when your children are learning to shoot.

Respect Animals:

Respecting animals is an integral part of the hunting experience, especially when hunting with children. Teach your kids the importance of honoring the animals they hunt and instill in them a deep appreciation for wildlife. Explain that hunting is not a sport but a way of life that requires understanding and respect towards animals.

Remind them that every animal plays a vital role in the ecosystem and that hunting should be done responsibly, only taking what is needed and avoiding unnecessary harm. This not only involves ethical shooting practices but also includes the way they approach and handle animals during and after the hunt.

Prioritize Comfort:

Hunting weather changes seasonally. It’s essential to prepare for the season with the right protective gear and clothing. Make sure you have enough water and snacks to keep you and your children hydrated and energized. If your child isn’t comfortable or is hungry, the hunting experience won’t be enjoyable.

Invest in Good Hunting Equipment:

If you want to make sure the hunting experience is safe and comfortable, investing in good-quality hunting equipment is essential. This will include not just suitable clothing but other tools like binoculars and flashlights. Here are other examples:

Hunting Knife:

A good quality hunting knife is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for any hunter. Invest in a lightweight, durable knife with a sharp blade and non-slip handle. This will make it easier to gut and prepare for the game you catch.


A good backpack will ensure your child has enough room to store all their equipment in one place while hunting. Look for backpacks designed specifically for hunting, as these usually come with features like pockets and compartments designed explicitly for carrying ammunition, cleaning tools, and other hunting gear.

Hunting Boots:

Good-quality boots are essential when it comes to hunting with kids. Look for waterproof boots that offer padding and support. This will keep your child’s feet comfortable during the hunt and help reduce the risk of injury due to slippery terrain or uneven surfaces.

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Make Hunting Fun and Engaging:

Finally, make hunting fun and engaging for your children. Let them participate in decision-making.

You can ask them questions like what animal they want to try and catch, what rifle they want to use, or how long they want to hunt for. You can also use modern technology like trail cameras to make hunting even more interactive and educational.

This is a great way to get tech-savvy kids interested in hunting. Furthermore, make sure to take pictures and videos of the hunt so you can look back on the experience as a family.

Overall, hunting with kids can be an incredible experience. It teaches children valuable life skills like responsibility, patience, discipline, and bravery. Ensure that safety is your top priority, and make hunting fun and engaging for your kids. By doing this, you’ll likely spark their interest and keep them excited about the outdoors. Hunting is not just a hobby but a legacy that you pass down to your children, so make it a memorable one.

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