Promoting Your RV Business Online amid the Pandemic


There’s no denying how the pandemic has disrupted various industries worldwide. Because of lockdowns and restricted movements, the travel and tourism industry is among those greatly impacted. But not for the recreational vehicle (RV) business at this time!

As the pandemic restrictions have become lighter this year (with lockdowns being lifted and businesses reopening), people are looking to go outdoors and have some recreation. One way to do so is to own or rent an RV, whether a trailer or a camper, for an outdoor adventure. For this reason, RV companies must have a digital marketing game plan.

That said, here’s how to promote your RV business online during this pandemic:

1. Create a robust website

It’s time to create or update the website of your RV business. It’s not enough that you have an aesthetically beautiful and highly useful website. It has to be adaptive to various devices, whether desktops, laptops, or phones. The key here is to employ the responsive web design — the process of rendering web pages on various devices with different screen sizes.

As most people access websites online via their mobile phones, you must have a mobile-friendly website. That way, people can easily and quickly see your fleet of recreational vehicles and instantly book a trailer for their outdoor adventure. Still, your site looks good and works fine, despite being accessed using a mobile phone.

2. Employ SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website, producing keyword-integrated content, and establishing backlinks. Its goal is to get the top ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP) as a way to drive traffic to your website.

For instance, if you rent or sell toy hauler campers, SEO helps boost your online visibility and increase your site traffic. That way, your target clients know that your RV business exists and can cater to their needs.

3. Use social media for promotion

social media

We can no longer deny the power of social media in this time and age. That’s why there are almost 4.5 billion social media users around the world. Not only are these channels used for personal interactions, but they are also utilized for business purposes.

Let’s take Facebook advertising, for example. If you’re looking to promote your RV business, you can create Facebook ads and use this platform to target your audience. When done correctly, expect these ads to appear in the newsfeed of your target clients.

4. Produce and publish content pieces

Content is everything in the digital world. This is because users look after pieces of content online, not the technical aspects of websites (although they matter). When these content pieces are valuable and relevant, they will resonate with your target audiences.

If you’re looking to market your RV business, it’s best to create and post blog posts regularly. You can write promotional information about your RV business. You can also publish photos of your trailers, campers, and haulers as a way to promote. Lastly, you can show infographics of facts and figures of the RV industry and how the pandemic affects these numbers.

5. Hire an influencer

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has even taken ground during this pandemic. Companies tap influential talents with a strong following to promote their businesses via social media. These influencers get paid on a project or commission basis.

If you run an RV business, you may want to deal with an influencer on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Ask them to promote your trailers or campers, and pay a commission for every successful rental or sale. Just make sure that you work with a highly influential person with millions of followers on social media. Doing so can make all the difference in the success of your RV business.

6. Email marketing

Emails have long been proven effective in marketing a brand as well as promoting products or services. In fact, many businesses resort to email marketing during the pandemic since face-to-face promotion is restricted.

If you’re renting or selling recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, camper vans, or fifth-wheel trailers, be sure to send emails for promotion. You can offer some discounts during the pandemic, so your RV business won’t be on a long hiatus.

The pandemic doesn’t have to leave your recreational vehicles underutilized. There are practical ways to promote your RV business to cater to the leisure needs of people. That said, be sure to consider the six digital marketing tips outlined above. With all these key strategies, you can expect your RV business to thrive even amid the global pandemic.

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