How to Keep Your Furnace in Good Shape for the Coming Winter


The stay-at-home orders make it seem like the days bleed into each other. It seems like it was yesterday when summer started. Now, Autumn’s just around the corner. And before you know it, it’s the cold season in three months. If you want to survive the chilling winter ahead, you need to keep your furnace in great shape. And even if it still does work, you don’t end up with an inefficient one that spikes up your heating bills.

Don’t wait until issues come up with your furnace. Here are ways to maintain the burning heart of your heating system in time for winter.

Filter Cleaning or Replacement

The main function of a filter is to protect your furnace’s blower fan from gunk, dust, and the occasional pest. Over time, this component will build up with dirt, depriving your heating system of air it needs to function properly and efficiently.

If you have a washable furnace filter, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt, then put it in a tub and wash it under running water with a brush to wash away any debris that could be tucked into its fins. If you’re using disposable filters, check the manufacturer’s specifications first before buying and installing a replacement. The wrong type of filter could create issues for your furnace.

Make Sure the Motor and Electronics Are Functioning


If you turn on your heater for a test run and notice whining or high, shrill sounds, your motor is probably broken or on its way to malfunctioning. Try to test out the temperature as well by inserting a meat thermometer in the return vent. If it’s way off what it says in the thermostat, a technician may need to replace its sensors and relays from a trusted solid-state relay supplier. This may take a lot of effort to do, but it’s necessary if you want to get accurate readings when you finally use your heater during the cold season.

Reduce Your Furnace’s Heating Load

If you want your furnace to last a lifetime, you don’t want it to work overtime just to keep your home toasty. Lighten its load when you can by improving your house’s insulation. Inspect your attic to see if your insulating materials are still effective. A good indicator would be your joists. If the material is covering them, you’re still good. If insulation is falling under the joists, you may need to call a contractor to add more material or replace them with better ones.

Make Sure the Exhaust Flue Is Functional

Your flue is responsible for keeping toxic gas like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide out of your home. These fumes, when inhaled, can create health problems from nausea and difficulty breathing to death. If your flue is blocked or is back-drafting, these gases may end up mixing with your indoor air. If you see any foreign objects in the pipe or damage on the flue itself, call a contractor immediately to get the component fixed.

The furnace is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system, as it’s the main source of heat for your home. Now that it’s just months away before the cold season, you need to keep your heater in tip-top shape with these tips. With an efficient and fully-functional furnace, you’ll be able to enjoy toasty temps in your home all winter long.

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