Ensuring a Healthy Office: Proper Office Sanitation


It can be surprising how easily people can get sick. Whether it is from a simple sneeze or touching a contaminated surface, diseases can easily spread. One of the common places where diseases spread is the office because of the constant contact between many people. As a business owner, you will need a clean office to avoid the risk of disease.   Here are some ways to ensure that your workplace is completely sanitary:

Train Your People in Basic Hygiene

Cleanliness starts with people. Sit down with your employees and talk to them about the cleanliness habits that they should develop. For one, they should avoid eating at their desk. The various crumbs and food bits will just fall into their keyboard and make a mess of their desk. Another good habit is to always keep your hands clean and to avoid touching your face. Diseases can easily travel between people by contacting a contaminated surface and bringing the hand to your face. Clean hands can avoid this.

Have a Stash of Cleaning Products

It is always a good idea to have a set of cleaning products in the office. This includes a broom, a mop, a disinfectant, and a microfiber cloth to wipe things down. This allows your people to clean things up when necessary. You might even have a person dedicated to cleaning your office full-time. They will be the ones in charge of sweeping and dusting your offices so that they are reasonably clean. These supplies would be a big help to them as they would help them do their job better.

CleaningInsist on Clean Communal Areas

The communal areas in your office are where you need to focus on with your cleanliness efforts. Pantries, conference rooms, and your reception area are only a few examples. If possible have some antibacterial wipes ready to clean things up, especially if a sick person was in there recently. Wiping down doorknobs, handles, cabinet pulls, and more can help ensure that no one else in your team will get sick. Always aim to be as sanitary as possible.

Hire Professionals

There is only so much that your people can do to keep the office clean. They don’t have the experience or tools. It is also not their job. For proper cleaning, you will want to turn to professional commercial cleaning companies. They have the skills and the equipment to do the job. Having them come in once or twice a week after-hours can be a big help to company sanitation. They can clean and disinfect everything for you. This will cost you a bit but you can shop around to see which companies are offering good deals. Try to get one that has good reviews from other clients and has space for you on their schedule.

A clean office contributes greatly to the health of your employees. Investing in sanitation ensures that your people don’t get sick and spread it to others in the company, which can affect productivity. Focus on keeping your office clean and teach your people how to be hygienic to avoid any health problems in your company.

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