Building Buzz: How To Use Social Media To Build Product Hype

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Many companies want their products to arrive with a bang. Whether it is the latest computer game or device, great launch day sales can prime the pump and ensure that your product is a hit. Building up the hype for your product is very important, and the perfect venue for promotion is social media. Here are some tips on how you can even further enhance the reputation of your product with the right approach.

Get A Professional

Before anything else, the smart move is to hire a market strategist to help coordinate and plan everything. Building hype for a product doesn’t happen in a single day. It is a job of months, and you won’t be able to handle the entire thing yourself. You need help, and a professional will be able to provide your company with the perfect support. Their management allows you to stay focused on putting the final touches on your product. They also bring their professional network to the table. They know the right people to contact for further exposure and content creators who can help with creating ads and more.

Start Teasing At The Right Time

The big question that is often asked is when you should start previewing and teasing. It all depends on your launch date and the progress on your product. It also depends on the industry. For example, the video game and the movie industries start teasing years ahead of their product’s release. Your company should start sending out teasers to build anticipation. Too early and the hype will burn out. Too late and you won’t get the maximum amount of publicity that you could have gotten. Do some market research to determine the correct time for you to start teasing the product.

Hold A Giveaway

Social media is great for connecting with early fans of your product. Building connections with social media is very easy. Building hype with this approach is pretty easy. Usually, an occasional post talking about and teasing some features of the product is good enough. But if you want to excite people, the best approach is to offer a giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff, and if you give it away to your fans, this can only boost the hype even more. Use the simple process of requiring participants in the promo to share the links. This will only increase the profile of your product.

Work With The Right Influencers

Since you know your target market, you should also be able to identify the leaders in that particular demographic. Thanks to social media, some people have a higher profile than others. This is mostly because of their social media content. For example, video game players often listen to the opinions of streamers and online critics. This gives them an increased ability to affect people’s opinions. Your goal is to find the right influencers for your product and work with them to promote your products. This can come in the form of a giveaway, early previews, and the like. Hearing a person they admire try to push your product can convince your target audience to try it out.

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Use Videos And Stories

People love stories, and it is an easy way to engage them. When you are exciting your product, you should present it as a story. The best way to tell stories nowadays is video. It sounds simple, but it is more than just talking to a camera. It would be best if you had a solid script, good shots on the camera, and even excellent editing. You’ll have to hire a professional video production crew for this. This is especially if you want to create short, punchy videos that you can share on social media.

Start Accepting Preorders

Not everyone can wait to buy your product. Others want to be sure that they have your product the moment it launches. This is where having a preorder page comes in. This is a great way to get value from the hype you are building immediately. It can also fuel the hype in its way. For example, you can load up the preorder buyers with a lot of extra promos. A lot of video game companies do this. They give bonuses like figures and art books. Some even have additional digital items. Do something similar to your product to get the same results.

Ensuring your product has good hype can be a significant boost to your product. With customers waiting in anticipation, you are sure to have a great launch day for your product. As long as you deliver on your promises, then that can be a sign that your product will be a bestseller.

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