Why Businesses Need Digital Archiving and Preservation

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As technology continues to advance, so do the risks to our cybersecurity and safety. Especially at a time when almost all businesses in the world have transitioned to the digital sphere, cybercriminals and those with bad intent will also find more sophisticated ways to illegally hack into company’s systems or make fraudulent claims about businesses for a payout.

Simultaneously, the legal world will inevitably catch up with technological advancements and might require more accountability and transparency from our businesses. For these reasons and more, companies would benefit greatly from digital solutions like web archiving and digital freezing. Read on to find more key advantages to digital preservation.

Prevents data loss.

Perhaps the most high-profile case of massive data loss in recent years is what happened with MySpace, which was the leading social media network in the mid to late 2000s. In 2016, the social networking giant admitted to losing 12 years’ worth of photos, videos, music, and other important data. Even though the website has waned in popularity thanks to the rise of other more popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, data loss was still a massive catastrophe for creators who used the platform for many years. Had MySpace chosen to preserve and archive their data, this disaster would have been avoided.

Protects against intellectual property theft.

Since there is so much content on the internet now, with statistics saying that there are almost 2 billion online websites as of this typing, not including those no longer online. There are so many articles that your company always runs the risk of having intellectual property stolen. Preserving your website safeguards against this because you will always have proof and “receipts” at your disposal that your company came out with the content or the material first.

Meets legal requirements.

Regulators often require companies to keep a secure file of their data and information for legal reasons. This is especially true for specific industries, like the healthcare sector, food and beverage industry, and other sectors that have to do with public health and safety. This is so that these companies and businesses have adequate litigation evidence when push comes to shove.

Keeps a stable backup of past data.

Unfortunately, screenshots are not enough because they can be easily manipulated and edited, thanks to more sophisticated editing methods. When web pages are archived properly, they are stored and protected from any digital hazards. Proper web freezing isn’t like your run-of-the-mill digital backup—web freezing allows users to use and navigate old websites as if they were still live and online.

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Shields the business from dishonest and inaccurate claims.

With so much private and financial information available online, businesses would be a mistake to take steps to protect their interests. Digital preservation gives companies the chance to prove themselves innocent of fraudulent claims by having sufficient evidence in their favor. With a detailed and protected archive, it’s easier to provide an accurate and detailed account of what truly transpired.

Creates a place for institutional legacy and a lasting resource for the next generation.

When your websites are preserved, your company or business will have at your disposal a complete and fully navigational set of records of your brand’s history. These navigational records will not only protect your brand assets; it would also be an invaluable resource to inform, educate, and inspire the next generation of marketers in your company, and would give them a thorough collection that they can refer back to every time they need a source of inspiration.

Safeguards your company’s brand assets.

Imagine if the world’s biggest businesses and companies were unable to preserve their logos, taglines, colors, and other crucial brand identity elements. We probably would have a different logo for iconic brands like Coca-Cola. Imagine if there were no digital solutions for archiving—traditional marketing materials like advertorials and posters would have been impossible to preserve.

Even if they were archived manually, they would most likely have retained their original colors and identity. With proper digital archiving and preservation, your business would be able to have a permanent and reliable keepsake of all the elements of your brand identity and how it changed and evolved over the years.

The Bottom Line

There are countless benefits to digital freezing and preservation of your websites, and numerous risks when it’s neglected. Protect your company’s interests in more ways than one by doing your due diligence in this area.

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