Three Different Forms of Toxic Exposure at Work and How to Deal With it


Workplace injuries in the United States are unfortunately all too common. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2016. That’s more than 8,000 a day!

While any type of workplace injury can be severe and cause long-term damage, some types are more common than others. One of the most common forms of workplace injuries is toxic exposure.

Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure happens when your employee is exposed to harmful chemicals or other substances that can cause serious health problems. Toxic exposure can occur in many ways, and it’s essential to be aware of the different types to protect your employees better. For example, it can happen through inhalation or skin contact. But sometimes, ingestion can also occur, depending on the toxic substance in question.

There are three different types of toxic exposure that commonly occur in the workplace. The first of which is radon poisoning.

Radon coming out from the ground


Radon is a type of gas that’s produced when uranium breaks down. It’s a radioactive gas, and it’s found in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Even though it’s more commonly found outdoors, radon poisoning can still happen indoors if there’s enough gas present. Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

It’s a dangerous substance and one that is found in certain states. The states of Alaska, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania are all at a higher risk for radon exposure. If you work in one of these states, you must be aware of the dangers and take precautions to protect your employees.

The next type of toxic exposure is lead poisoning.


Lead poisoning occurs when someone is exposed to too much lead. Lead exposure can happen in many ways, but it’s most commonly found in older buildings. If your office space used to be an old building, it’s essential that you get it checked for lead.

Lead poisoning can cause serious health problems, including brain damage, anemia, and kidney damage. In addition, it’s hazardous for children and pregnant women. If you work in an older building, it’s crucial to have the lead levels tested so you can take steps to protect your employees.

The third type of toxic exposure is mercury poisoning.


Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in water and air. People can also find it in certain types of fish. Mercury poisoning occurs when someone is exposed to too much mercury. Exposure can happen through skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion.

Mercury poisoning can cause serious health problems, including brain damage, kidney failure, and death. Mercury is especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children. If you work with mercury or in an environment where mercury is present, it’s essential to take precautions to protect yourself and your employees.

Dealing With Them

Dealing with these toxic substances is essential if your business runs smoothly. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in industrial hygiene services.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the science of protecting people from harmful exposures in the workplace. Therefore, it’s essential to have someone who is trained in industrial hygiene on your team so you can identify and control potential hazards.

An industrial hygienist can help you assess the risks of exposure in your workplace and develop a plan to control them. They can also help you create a safe work environment for your employees.

Investing in industrial hygiene services is a great way to protect your employees from toxic exposure. Keeping your business running smoothly and keeping your employees safe is essential.

Toxic Removal Services

Toxic removal services are another great way to deal with toxic exposure in the workplace. These services can help you remove harmful substances from your office space. They can also help you dispose of them properly.

Investing in toxic removal services is a great way to protect your employees and your business. It’s an essential part of keeping your workplace safe and clean.

Dealing With Personal Injuries

Exposure to toxic substances is ground for someone to sue your business for personal injury. Therefore, having a personal injury attorney at your beck and call is essential. This type of attorney can handle issues with toxic substances you might not know is inside your business. They can also mediate if an employee sues you. Finally, they can also help you avoid any future liability.


Toxic exposure is a serious issue that can occur in the workplace. It’s essential to be aware of the different types of exposure so you can better protect your employees. By knowing these things and doing your best to deal with them, you can ensure that your business can run as efficiently as possible.

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