How Technology Helped Industries to Be Precise

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Advances in various technologies enabled a wide range of industries to move forward and embrace these technological changes. Products and services are now more precise. Businesses deliver better products. Consumers demand more seamless services because they know it is possible. Can you imagine demanding for your internet to go back in less than five minutes in the past? No, right? Because workers have to manually check the box and lines. Today, a toggle on a computer will solve a technical problem with your internet connection.

What are the technological advances in the past decades? It ranges from computer software to big data analysis to drones to fiber optics to image recognition to 3D animation to artificial intelligence (AI). All of these combined to allow industries to deliver on what they promised.

Home and Commercial Construction

Workers labored in the past to build homes and buildings. If you’ve seen ancient structures, you’ll wonder how workers were able to carry large stones up the massive infrastructures they built without cranes and machines. Today, 30-story buildings are being constructed in two years’ time. Houses that once took a year to build can now stand after two months. This is because of technology. They make the work easier and faster.

Machines in masonry and carpentry enabled more precise delivery of services. That’s not only in terms of construction homes and commercial properties. Even in home design, technology plays a huge role. The furniture and design elements of your home are better because of technology. Woodworking companies use laser cutting machine for wood to improve their products. That’s the reason homes are not only better-constructed today, but they have more stunning furniture and designs, too.


Can there be any question on the impact of technology on the medical sector? Forget about the advances in machines. Those have long been exalted. AI and big data analytics shook the medical world in the past decade. Doctors can share data about a patient’s medical history. They can diagnose a patient better because of the advances in data-sharing and the cloud. But more than that, AI is predicting patients’ future health and recommending better treatments.

Big data analytics, on the other hand, are giving researchers and authorities the ability to monitor the spread of diseases and viruses. It also allows the monitoring of the quality of health care in hospitals and other health care facilities. The past year has proven that big data gave doctors insights into how the coronavirus spreads as quickly as it does.



There is no doubt that technology changed the way people communicate. Technology was the only thing that held industries together last year when many businesses had to close temporarily. Employees were able to work from home and still collaborate because of technology. Even in families, technology held them together when they are apart during the pandemic. There was no greater proof of that than the past year when everyone had to distance themselves from their loved ones. All they had were their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Do you know that drones play a big role in agriculture, too? Aside from using machine-learning and high-tech tools and machines in agriculture, the industry is also famously using drones to monitor the situation in their farms. The drones allow farm managers to monitor everything that’s going on the farm. They can reach the edge of the property without the owners needing to leave their seats.

They use drones for surveillance and monitoring. The drones also allow them to check on their crops, especially in areas that are harder to reach. And more than that, many farmers are also using drones in the farm’s day-to-day operations—planting seeds, irrigating, and applying non-toxic chemicals.

Transportation and Road Traffic

Technology made roads safer. Not only are cars equipped with safety features, but traffic management has become more sophisticated over the years. The use of security cameras and radar guns enabled the fair and equal treatment of road accidents. It is easier to determine who was in the wrong now because of these cameras. People now also use GPS navigation software apps to share data with fellow drivers and commuters. Thanks to data-sharing, you can now avoid certain roads and take alternate routes for faster travel.

The role of technology in the delivery of more precise products and services in a variety of industries cannot be denied. It helped streamline processes while also providing robust data analytics to gain insights into how to make the industries better. The reason why people enjoy such good products and services now is because of technology.

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