Creating a Mobile App: How to Promote Your New App

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With smartphones becoming cheaper, people are now resorting to using their phones for everything, from shopping to writing emails. This has made the market for mobile apps highly profitable. In fact, the total number of mobile apps worldwide reached over 8.93 million in 2020, making the competition fierce.

Here are seven ways to promote your mobile app and stand out:

Launch a Website for Your Mobile App

You’ll need an online presence for your app, and you can do this by launching a website. Ensure your website’s optimized by hiring a reliable company offering SEO services to help increase your chances of getting qualified leads from organic search and attracting more potential users to your app.

Launching a website not only increases your app’s exposure but also shows people that your mobile app is legitimate and you’ve invested in it as a business.

Run App Store Ads

If you’re looking to promote your mobile app, combine app store optimization with ads. The main channels for these ads are Google App Campaign and Apple Search Ads, which allow you to run app install campaigns. This drives more users to download your app. Remember, both work with keywords, so determine which ones attract the most traffic and place bids on them.

When mobile users search in an app store using these keywords, they’ll see the ad for your mobile app before the first organic search result, thus increasing your chances of getting a download. Don’t forget about the visual appeal of your ads since visuals are going to make a massive difference for both Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaign.

Invest in Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

An efficient method to promote your mobile app is through influence marketing. This strategy includes boosting brand awareness and revenue by using influential individuals with a broad and engaged audience base. However, don’t just settle for the one with the highest followers. Remember to vet their profiles, content, and personality. After all, the influencer you’re going to work with will become an ambassador for your app brand, representing the app and brand itself.

Additionally, you want to associate your app with individuals within your target audience and directly speak to them for the campaign to be successful. You can search for influencers through different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Create Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have an existing customer base who knows and trusts your brand or company, establishing an email marketing campaign may influence them to download your mobile app. However, if the app is your startup and you currently don’t have a customer base, it’s best to create a buzz about your app first on social networks or offline.

Once you start gathering users, collect their emails and continue engaging them with email campaigns.

Use Social Media

social media

Internet users spend approximately 30% of their time online on different social media platforms, and most of them are mobile device users. That means it’ll be easier for these people to download applications that catch their attention in their newsfeeds. Although it’s great to spread the word on different platforms, it’s best to choose a social media platform depending on your target audience.

For instance, if your mobile app targets millennials, consider focusing on Instagram or TikTok. Meanwhile, if you have a B2B mobile app, focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Regardless of your preferred platform, remember that it’s the same process for all: become viral, increase likes, followers, or subscribers, and spread the word about your mobile app.

Create In-App and Online Ads

To reach mobile app users that aren’t on social media, take advantage of advertisements and launch online and in-app ads. Surveys show that 33% of users discover apps while using other applications, meaning in-app advertising is more efficient than search engine ads, as 31% of users find apps there. In addition, you can save money by negotiating with other mobile app owners and implementing cross-advertising to promote each other’s applications for free.

Promote through Friends and Family

When creating a mobile app, there’s no better to start your promotional campaign than to spread the word through friends and family. If you think any acquaintances of yours would enjoy using your app, don’t hesitate to approach them. After all, they’re already part of your inner circle, and they’re likely to be more than happy to help.

After promoting to your family and friends, think about the exponential potential of your network. Then, get these people to be part of your early adopters. These individuals will spread the word further and build the foundation of your app’s user base.

To get more downloads and generally attract users, analyze your audience and create a promotional campaign following the strategies mentioned. Regardless of the methods you pick, always test content on small target audience groups first to measure the campaign’s success and expand from there.

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