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Homes are primarily for shelter and comfort. However, it does not mean that you have to live in a space that is similar to your neighbors’. Incorporating your personality in your home is an enjoyable process. Before you panic and think of complicated ideas for such an endeavor, here are ways to make your home uniquely “you:”

Let the Outdoors Speak for You

Your garden is one of the first areas that can be seen at your home. There is always a good landscape supply in Salt Lake City available for you. You need to have the appropriate blooms to decorate your garden with.

You can have the fierce color of red roses to represent your boldness or other colors to let others know of your vibrant personality. Maybe you prefer vegetables to flowers? An intuitive gardening team can partner with you to help you decide on how to use your garden to represent you. Your garden can be a standalone outdoor feature. You can also add a hammock to highlight your laid-back personality or a barbecue grill to showcase your love for parties.

Please Come In!

The front door is one of the most underappreciated parts of a home. Still, this part sets the mood for anybody who steps inside your home. Painting your front door a hue that suits you is a good way to “own” this part of your house. The material of your door can also be a subject for interpretation. Are you a kind of person who prefers wood or glass? What does it say about you?

Also, a dull hallway will seem cold and uninviting. The easiest way to liven up this part of your home is to hang personal photos and memorabilia. You do not need to splurge on expensive frames; instead, let your creativity do the work. Your guests will surely have a good time looking at these and see glimpses of you.

Seeking Comfort and Rest

The bathrooms are usually treated as a private space. However, guests can spend a fraction of time in these rooms when they visit. Wallpapers can do the trick to make this room unique and comfortable. It could be a subtle display of flowers to add a refreshing look or a bold pattern that bizarrely calms you while you spend your time in the bathroom.

Aroma Power

Kitchen and living room of loft apartment

Making your home unique is not limited to just what is seen by the eyes. There is something personal about a favorite scent wafting in all the areas of your home. There are various ways to infuse a familiar aroma in your home. It could be the smell of your favorite blooms arranged artistically in vases around your house, the scented candles that you can light when you are in the mood, or the smell of lemon that you use to clean your home.

When thinking of customizing your home, you do not have to think big and expensive. Sometimes, the small details make a bigger impact. Think of something that you can change or upgrade easily. After all, your personality and preferences will grow as time passes by.

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