Organize a Mini-Olympics at Home with These Games


So you just received custom-made cornhole bags. Do you want to put them into use? Why not organize a fun competition party at your house? There are games you can play in your backyard or inside your home. While not exactly the Olympics, these involve physical activity that anyone can enjoy. Some are actual sports, but none of them require extensive physical training for anyone to start playing. These also do not require much space. So your yard and the living room may be enough to hold these events. You can also use your garage if you want. The more events, the merrier!


Here is where your cornhole bags can be used. The court’s maximum dimensions have the width at 10 feet and the length at 45 feet with two sets of pitcher boxes at opposite ends. If you’re lacking space and still want to follow the official rules, your street may be used. If not, maybe you can make do with just having one cornhole board and a set of pitcher boxes. It’s like having half a basketball court.


Among the games or sports mentioned here, this requires the least space—well, at least for the dartboard itself. All you need is a wall and about 7 feet and 9.25 inches of space away from it, as dictated by its official rules.

There are also dartboards of the electronic kind. The board is filled with tiny holes, while the dart has a soft tip. When you throw it, it will get lodged into one of the holes. You don’t have to worry about the arrow tips losing their sharpness or board degradation.


If you don’t have a pool table at home, find a friend who has one and borrow it. This one should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. A table this big will have the ideal room size of 14 feet and 4 inches by 18 feet. Be sure to have some things you can put under the table’s feet to stabilize it and keep it level. You don’t want balls rolling to one side.

Moving the table will require some effort, but it should be worth it. Just don’t forget to invite your friend to the party.

Table Tennis

table tennis

Watching high-level players is dizzying with all the quick back and forth going on in their matches. But table tennis or Ping-Pong is an accessible sport for many. It is not as demanding to your body type as other sports, like how basketball favors taller people. Anyone can pick up a paddle and start playing. As for table dimensions, it is 9 by 5 feet. Allot space around the table for both players so that they have room to move.


If you don’t have a foosball table at home, you need to find another friend who you can borrow it from. Maybe the friend who has lent you the pool table also has one. Anyway, this is a common fixture in offices and dorms. The full-size table measures 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long. It’s not as demanding with space as the other tables mentioned. Just remember this: no spinning or ramming.

Be ready for the winners’ prizes, too. Having this party will let everyone relax and have fun, and that’s the most important.

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