Increasing Online Presence during a Pandemic

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When small businesses shifted to online selling after the pandemic started, they had a lot of work ahead of them. Since e-commerce was new to them, they had to work hard to increase their online presence and connect with their customers.

Even after the situation improved a year after the lockdowns, these businesses still had to continue increasing their online market. When they want to increase their online presence, businesses should implement strategies designed for search engines and social media platforms. Here are some ways for small businesses to increase their online presence to expand their market online.

Update the Google My Business Profile

Businesses should make sure they have a Google My Business (GMB) profile. Setting up a GMB profile allows the business to come out in local search results. For instance, if the business is close to a searcher’s location, it will come out when the person uses “near me” when searching on Google. Similarly, it will come out when someone searches for a business in a specific city.

A GMB profile also increases the credibility of the business. It also shows the information about the exact address and operating hours of the business. Additionally, the GMB profile links to the business’s website, which makes it easier for the business to connect with its market. With this, the business should update its profile and check the accuracy of the information on the profile.

Update the Blog with Relevant Posts

A blog is a good way for websites to attract traffic. But businesses should make sure the content on the blog is relevant to its line of business. When the content is not relevant, Google can penalize it, affecting its search engine rankings.

The business can use long-tail keywords that are specific to its niche. This can increase the chances of getting the traffic that the business needs to increase its online presence. The blog post can also include the location of the business to make the targeting effective.

The business should also ensure that the blog has a new post as part of the business’s overall search engine optimization or SEO strategy. Posting relevant posts regularly can increase the chances of the website being considered an authority website. When it becomes an authority website, it can rank well on the search engine results page of Google.

Create Posts on GMB

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The GMB profile of the business is not limited to showing information about its operating schedule and location. Business owners can also post images, answer questions, and set up a call-to-action button to encourage customers to connect with the business.

The images that businesses post on their profiles are among the most powerful marketing tools to reach their market. Adding images of their products or services can encourage people to visit their physical store. It can also encourage these visitors to click on the link to the website of the business.

Aside from posting images, business owners can use their GMB profile to answer any questions of visitors. People can leave questions on the profile, making it important for business owners to check their profiles regularly.

Additionally, business owners can set up a call-to-action button on their profiles. The button allows visitors to connect with the business and inquire about their products. It even allows visitors to book a service directly through the GMB profile of the business. This makes the GMB profile an important tool that businesses should use to increase their presence online.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live

With many people watching videos online, it’s online practical for businesses to take advantage of this so they can connect with their customers. They can use Facebook Live to increase brand awareness by broadcasting a Q and A session to provide information about the products and services it offers in the market.

The business can also answer questions about its products and services through a Facebook Live session. This allows the business to engage with its audience and convince them to buy its products. Engaging with the audience is an opportunity for the business to gain a new customer who will buy its products in the future.

Additionally, Facebook Live does not cost the business anything other than the internet connection it uses. The business owner can put his smartphone on a tripod and use a microphone to ensure his audience can hear him clearly during the session.

Increasing online presence is important for a business to increase its sales and expand its market during a pandemic.

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