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Going for a vacation with the whole family? Are your seniors planning to age in place? These are some scenarios where you would feel the need to look after the house while you’re away. You can rarely depend on the neighbors to notify you of potential invasions. It is not always dependable.

According to the FBI, almost 7 million property crimes were committed in the USA in 2019 alone. Despite its downward trend over the years, that figure is still significantly high. The most viable way to get houses secured while you’re away is by utilizing that thing you always have with you. That’s your smartphone.

The numbers above are alarming but property crime prevention has improved. Thanks to modern home security techs. The integration of home security into mobile applications helped with these advancements. Securing your home is now cheaper, more accessible to most people, and more reliable. The best thing about it is the close-to-real time alerts sent to your phone.

The constant improvements find ways to make the technology better and more secure. Engineers and developers are working hard to keep up with the time to make it harder to hack the system. That’s something we could count on.

After knowing the tech’s advantages, here is a little guide for security systems that you can use to start protecting your house with the help of your smartphones:

1. Security Cameras

This is the handiest security system you could get for your property. Connecting your chosen security cameras to smart home applications isn’t complicated anymore. This is in contrast to analog CCTV. Some home monitoring systems can now detect motion, sounds, and even faces. Watch the house 24/7 with a live feed broadcast to your mobile phones and tablets for free. Professional monitoring that comes with a monthly or annual fee is also available. You can choose from a variety of security cameras that fit your budget and preferences.

2. Security Alarms

Arming and disarming your house using your mobile device is now possible. This is useful and more secure rather than giving someone your alarm code. In this way, your alarm code is not prone to the exposure that can be used for planned burglaries. You can even check the security alarm status of your property through your phone. Being away does not prevent you from securing your home.

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3. Contact Sensors

Contact sensors can still notify your phone even if your security alarms are off. That’s when you integrate them into a mobile alarm app. It’s an added layer of protection for your property. You can put sensors on some of the most crucial access points in your house. In this way, you’d be able to know which of the doors or windows were opened. Get push notifications when someone accesses your wardrobe where you hide your jewelry. Now, that’s a silent way to monitor your belongings.

4. Smart Locks and Entry Point Automation

Speaking of crucial entry points, prevent break-ins by securing your house entrances. You can use smart locks for your front and back doors. Control the smart locks through a mobile app. Same with the doors, the garage can be another access point for burglars. When you’re already at work, your transmitter will be useless if you forgot to close this entry point. Luckily, garage door installation now comes with door operators that are mobile app compatible. These devices can assure the inaccessibility of your property through its critical entry points.

5. Outdoor Smart Lighting

Driveaway home raiders and burglars by pretending that someone is home even if you’re away. Sounds very practical, isn’t it? Installing smart lights outdoors is a brilliant way to do this. Control your smart lighting remotely by integrating it into your smart home app. When you’re notified of any potential motions on your lawn while you’re away, turn on your smart light outdoors. It’s a simple way to prevent further property damage in your house.

It’s true that we’ve come to an age where our phones can do more than just calling and texting. They can literally save lives and prevent crimes from happening. Safeguarding your homes has never been this accessible. The amazing applications of this mobile technology are undoubtedly a lifesaver. Now, go on and set these all up then go on with your day. Knowing that you can always secure your house even when you’re not around is an enormous safety upgrade for your daily living.

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