Greening Up Your School: The Perks of Adding and Maintaining Green Spaces

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If you are a school administrator, it’s your job to ensure the well-being of the students in your care. One aspect of this is their mental and physical health. It’s not just a matter of having a school nurse and having nutritious food in the cafeteria. You’ll also want to provide them with some green spaces. Work with trusted providers of commercial landscaping services in Toms River and nearby areas to add some greenery to your school grounds because they can provide your kids with something special. Here are some of the benefits you and the students can enjoy:

Better and Cleaner Air

Like any elementary student knows, trees and plants take carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen for people to breathe. Young people are especially vulnerable to air pollution because they still have more to develop. With green spaces around your school, you can be sure that your students have the chance to breathe in some good clean air. This can make them feel better in the long run.

Quiet Places

You may not notice it but green spaces tend to dampen the noise around them. A nice little grove of trees can act as a barrier to the sound of city life and give your students a chance to relax. Having a place to retreat to and rest is important. It gives their brains a chance to relax from their studies and gives them a sense of freedom.

Improved Mood

Being quiet and relaxing can help provide your students with a better mindset. Instead of just walking around the halls of your school, they can move around in green space and that is very good for their moods. Studies show that walking around the outdoors generates more positive feelings. Benefits like lower frustration and increased brain activity are some of the results of letting your kids wander in your green spaces.

Stress Relief

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School is a major source of stress for many young people. It can get pretty bad when they are stuck in a classroom all day. Given the chance to get out of class and walk around, they will take it. This gives them a nice safety valve, especially if you put in some amusing additions to your green space like monkey bars or a wide lawn for free play. Providing stress relief can help improve kids’ physical and mental health.

Alternate Learning Environments

Encourage your teachers to go outside of the classroom and green spaces on school grounds provide an easily accessible choice for that. Sometimes, the classrooms are so stifling. Learning in wide-open spaces can make students be more receptive. Plus, there are lessons that they can learn in your green spaces like basic plant care and even science experiments.

Social Space

Your green spaces also provide your students with a better social space. With no classrooms to restrict them, they can meet up with friends from different classes. They will appreciate this chance and it can improve their social skills.

Going to school should not feel so artificial. You want to provide a good learning environment and that means providing spaces that go beyond the normal classroom setting. Green spaces around your school and the benefits above should help convince you that they are a good investment.

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