Great Reasons to Use Sustainable Packing in Your Business

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As more and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious, businesses are also finding ways to appeal to this new target market. Today, most of them are now opting for biodegradable and recyclable packaging that uses manufacturing techniques and materials to reduce energy usage and minimize the adverse impact on our environment.

Sustainable packaging is manufactured using recyclable or bio-based materials to reduce the need for new resources. It is also often made from thinner yet tougher materials using special coating processes to ensure the packaging will last longer.

Boost brand image

While there seems to be a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging in the market, there are still a limited number of businesses that are open to this concept. If you are after improving your brand image, becoming one of the firsts to promote sustainable packaging is a smart strategy. Eco-conscious consumers will notice your actions and efforts and take part in your mission as well. By employing such ecological practices, you are also helping other consumers to be more environmentally aware.

Free from allergens and toxins

Traditional packaging is manufactured using harmful synthetic materials, which are obviously not good for individuals and the environment. As with sustainable packaging, biodegradable, non-toxic, and allergen-free materials are utilized. Some unique, eco-friendly materials used today include kraft paper tapes, mushroom-based boxes, potato starch packaging, poly bags, and organic cotton ribbons.

In turn, both consumers and manufacturers can safeguard their health and well-being from exposure to harmful chemicals and reduce environmental burden too. Instead of using petrochemical materials like Styrofoam, opt for paper takeout boxes for a healthier option. Doing these won’t just allow you to ensure the safety of the consumers, but also provide them with more incentive to purchase your offerings.

Reduce carbon footprint

It’s no secret that greenhouse gas emissions, which typically come from business operations, play a key role in various natural disasters and global warming. Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and other compounds released from the fossil fuel consumption of a particular group or individual.

By cutting down on the use of harmful packaging materials or resources, your business can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to that, since sustainable packaging is made of lightweight materials, less energy is needed for production or manufacturing.

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Expand customer base

Another great advantage of using sustainable packaging is that you can obtain more customers and increase brand loyalty at the same time. Many studies found out that consumers tend to choose businesses or brands that value sustainability as they do. According to one study made by Nielsen, it’s found out that almost 48% of consumers are open to the idea of sustainable consumption habits to minimize the impact on the environment. As for a survey by CGS, they found out that over 50% of Gen Z have no problem with paying more for sustainable goods. As a matter of fact, most eco-conscious consumers are made up of Gen Z shoppers.

And as you are able to expand your customer base, an increase in sales is also expected. This is also made possible since you’re using an innovative way to market your products and brand, attracting more consumers in making a purchase.

More storage space

When you’re using sustainable packaging, you tend to find creative ways to ensure you’re efficient about the amount of materials you’ll be using and how. When implemented the right way, you can also benefit from more efficient storage. You can then limit the space you need to store your good and have extra room to house other products. Furthermore, a smaller finished product footprint also cuts down the space needed for transport, which saves you tons of money in return.

Save money

A number of businesses think that sustainable packaging is expensive, when in fact, it can help you save money in the long run. Such packaging is made of lightweight materials, which means you can also save on shipping or delivery costs. Consider local sourcing when acquiring packaging materials or freight carriers. This is even more beneficial for e-Commerce businesses that typically deal with returns. The packaging can be reused due to its great quality, which is also a great thing for your customers when returning parcels.

In terms of production, eco-friendly packaging requires fewer resources and is recyclable, minimizing the costs of new materials. You can also save money by purchasing inexpensive materials and reusing your inventory.

Providing the right packaging for your products can absolutely benefit your business and the environment in different ways. Do your part in preserving this beautiful environment while significantly enhancing your brand image to appeal to the eco-conscious market. Start branding yourself as an environmentally conscious business today!

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