Dress for Success: Presenting Yourself to Get Ahead in Your Career

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Although getting ahead in your career does take skill and hard work, a lot of it also has to do with how you present yourself. If you’re aiming to make an impression on the people who count and you want to be in a position of leadership eventually, you also have to take care of how you come across to others even from a visual standpoint. Even from the beginning of your career, you can start creating the trajectory you want based on how you are viewed. After all, numerous studies have shown that people will form their first impression of you within seconds, which will ultimately inform how they see your competence and trustworthiness moving forward even as they get to know you more.

  • Invest in your smile and symmetry

People base a lot of their judgment based on your face and, psychologically, they base off the symmetry of your features whether or not they are consciously trying to do so. The focal point, besides your expressions, is how you smile. That brings everything together and can be the difference between a creep and a winner. Don’t skip out on those visits to the dentist, as those well-aligned pearly whites can take you a long way.

  • Accessorize well

There is such a thing as both too much and too little. Strike the perfect balance and stick to core pieces that complement whatever outfit you opt for. For both men and women, it’s best to have staples that don’t come off as vulgar. A good watch and a classy band can do a lot for a man in a professional environment, and a woman can garner the right type of attention with a classic necklace and the right earrings.

  • Don’t forget to groom

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You may think that it’s enough to wash your face and simply comb out your hair, but if you want to create an air of reliability and personability, you have to take more time into your grooming. Of course, there are the basics of keeping yourself clean and making sure your outfits look crisp and well-maintained. But there is also the matter of hair grooming. Studies have shown that hairstyle and color can affect how people perceive your attractiveness, which is directly linked to how much they are willing to trust you, despite your best efforts.

  • Choose your wardrobe based on your intended audience

Knowing who you are trying to appeal to is essential when choosing how to present yourself. Particular choices can turn specific groups away, and you want to strike the perfect balance of leadership and relatability. Take the time to find the right blend, especially depending on the occasion.

  • Find your color palette

This step is often overlooked but is one of the most crucial for both men and women. Finding the right palette is not just a matter of personal taste but also what best complements your skin tone to bring out your best features and properly define you. With a poor color palette, you’ll either blend into everyone else or stand out negatively.

If you put in enough time and effort into these factors and combine them with the right mindset and ethic, you can get ahead in life.

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