Choosing the Best Promotional Items for Your Business

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A lot of popular brands have promotional items as part of their advertising campaigns. Unlike traditional advertising, using personalized promotional merchandise is an indirect yet effective way of extending your brand mileage to your target customers. More often than not, a lot of people prefer receiving free promo items than watching ads that can interrupt your viewing experience.

One of the essential objectives of giving our corporate items is brand mileage. It helps in advertising your brand even without a business card on hand. It is also a reflection of how you are as a brand. Are you creative, fun, innovative, or all of them?

Plus, you can use these promotional items in your daily life. Some of the most popular kinds of promotional items include tote bags, pens, post-its, and flash drives, among a few. These items can be useful to customers. They can also help advertise your products anytime and anywhere.

Other popular corporate giveaway item ideas

Aside from the mentioned promotional items, here are the other popular items your business can use:

1. Drinkware

More than half of consumers in the USA have some drinkware carrying a brand’s logo. This includes mugs, glassware, water bottles, and the like.

2. Desk accessories

Meanwhile, more than 40 percent of U.S. consumers have desk accessories bearing various brands’ logos. Desk accessories usually include office items such as calendars, memo pads, post-its, and writing instruments. These types of promotional items can be very effective in brand recall.

3. Healthcare items

More and more people are becoming more conscious of their health. As a result, a lot of health-related companies took advantage of it by using promotional items as a way to promote their brand.

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4. Powerbanks

Almost all people have smartphones. That is why power banks are must-haves for every smartphone user – and a great corporate giveaway at that.

5. Writing pads

Another popular type of promotional giveaway is writing pads. This includes big and pocket-sized notebooks (some even have leather covers), as well as post-its and memo pads. Some of these items usually have a printed company logo, while others add their business address and contact details.

Other popular promotional giveaways used by companies include t-shirts, caps key chains, ref magnets, stress balls, and coasters. There are many other items to choose from. A promotional item should be practical, innovative, and easy to use.

Where can you get promotional items?

Companies usually allocated a specific budget for promotional items. That means you can assign a certain number of items for a given marketing campaign. As they are called “promotional items,” these freebies are often available only on special occasions and instances.

For example, many companies give away free items to increase the sales of their products. Some things are also given as prizes for various events. Meanwhile, some companies hand out promotional items as a token for their business partners and other special guests.

It’s up to the brand how, when, and where they will allocate their corporate giveaways. These items should serve their primary purpose: to extend their brand mileage and to keep their brand in the minds of their consumers.

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