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Gaming consoles have become more prevalent recently than ever before. Gaming console manufacturers churn out offerings all year round. Platforms for video games have multiplied with new innovations and great features. This advancement can be seen in computers too, where a laptop can now go toe-to-toe with a gaming desktop.

So, which one is the best gaming console for you? Will you go for a powerful laptop or a conventional desktop? Let’s find out the pros and cons of each gaming device.

Consider Different Aspects

Laptops and desktop computers have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Your choice for video games will then depend on what hardware aspect do you consider the most important or that you most need right now. Take a look below at five aspects you can consider, and which type is the best for that aspect.

Video Power: PC

First and foremost, you may think the most important aspect of a computer is the graphics card, or the GPU, which relates to the power of your rig to play high-end video games. For this aspect, the gaming desktop takes the cake! GPUs come in increasing sizes as you upgrade to ones with more power. The bigger the size, the more cooling you need.

PCs, in this case, have more room for both large GPUs and appropriate cooling systems. In turn, a PC rig gives you more power to play at Ultra settings of your favorite video games. Now, although you can purchase separate external GPUs to turn simple laptops into gaming powerhouses nowadays, that external GPU will cost you extra, so you might as well choose a PC.

Portability: Laptop

In contrast, you may consider portability as a must have for you. Without a doubt, laptops have the advantage here. Laptops can come in sizes as large as 15-inch screens. They also have quite impressive video game capabilities, all of which adds to the weight. Despite that, however, you can still lug one around easier than a personal computer.

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Affordability: Laptop

Now, what if you only have a limited budget for a rig? Laptops, once again, reigns supreme! You can acquire decent video game capabilities in laptops that are almost half the cost or less of home computers. Aside from portability, you can already game on the cheap!

Convenience: Laptop

On a lesser note, convenience can be a deciding factor in your computer dilemma. Convenience here means the ease at which you can purchase a computer and play at the nearest possible date. For the third time, laptops win here. Laptops give you a monitor and a keyboard right off the bat, whereas PCs have to be built from separate pieces of hardware, if you care about customization.

Upgradeability: PC

Last but not least, you can look at upgradeability, which home computers have a lead on. Laptops may come in one package already, but PCs can last you for longer than five years. In that time, you can replace outdated parts and put in more recent and better parts available on the market.

What Is Most Important to You?

With this, you now have everything you need to decide which type of computer you want to play on. Visit your boutique PC shop like PCredcom, purchase your rig, and start playing!

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