4 PC Simulation Games You Should Play If You’re Super Bored

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Different types of video games provide various kinds of entertainment for people. It all depends on an individual’s interests and preferences.

Strategy video games are perfect for people who like to exhibit their abilities in setting up and executing combat schemes. Fantasy games are great if you’re into adventures, monsters, magic, and exploring new worlds. For thrill-seekers and warfare fanatics, there are action games.

After a while, though, it can get tiresome to play a single game or genre, so why not try out simulation games?

Simulation games, sim games, or sims allow you to experience the virtual reality of different activities, even life itself. Often, activities presented in sim games are daily, mundane tasks. Still, this small sector of the video game industry also offers a wide variety of games, from building a game PC or a world to running a zoo or a vehicle. Some sims are breathtaking recreations of transportation simulation, while others are sports games. Some are even bizarre, bordering weird niche games.

No matter what kind of activity sim games offer, though, they are, in a manner, fitting if you’re bored or if you want to try something new. They are a great alternative to competitive games if you simply want to play. Plus, you can play many of these simulation games on your PC or laptop. There’s no need to get a high-end, powerful, and expensive gaming PC. To find out more about these games, here they are.

Recycle: Garbage Truck Simulator

Recycle: Garbage Truck Simulator, a game developed and published by Rondo Media in 2014, was released on Steam, a popular video game digital distribution service. It may have been released nearly a decade ago, but it still has its own followers today.

It is a game that allows you to run a garbage collection and waste disposal business. You get to choose from a wide variety of garbage trucks and drive it around a realistically simulated city complete with pedestrians, buildings, parks, road traffic, and even districts.

As part of the game’s business management feature, you can expand your fleet, hire staff, and plan pickup routes. You’ll also get to process garbage disposal, purchase landfill licenses, and even apply for loans to fund your business.

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is a game developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive. It was first released in 2009 for PC and console platforms. Today, Farming Simulator 22 is the eighth version of the game.

Farming Simulator 22 is a game that allows you to run your own farm, from tending to your livestock to driving farming vehicles. The game also allows you to manage your crops.

Farming Simulator 22 stunningly recreates environments that feature American and European farms. You can even ride a horse to survey your land. Its most prominent feature is its wide range of farming vehicles and machines manufactured by leading industry brands like John Deere, New Holland, and Krone.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

The Ultimate Fishing Simulator was first released in 2018, but a new version is currently in the works and is scheduled to be released late this year.

If you love fishing and have high-performance tackle like a Shimano SpeedMaster Surf Rod, this game is perfect for you. You can practice your cast with the game set in different environments, and that’s not all.

The Ultimate Fishing Simulator also allows you to organize your fishing trip and choose your bait and equipment. It also features different kinds of boats that you can use for your trip. The game also enables you to select your destination. If you don’t like their list, however, you can also create your map.

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a game developed and published by Frontier Developments. It earned the Gamescom’s award for Best Simulation Game in 2019, the same year the game was first released.

Planet Zoo has ten versions in total today. Aside from the original, versions are available in different packs such as Planet Zoo: North America Pack, Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack, and Planet Zoo: Australia Pack.

With Planet Zoo, you get to create vast habitats and unique landscapes while taking care of your animals—76 of them in total. On the other hand, animals have their own personalities, which makes the game even more enjoyable. They can create their own families, too, and if you run your zoo well enough, they will thrive.

Take Advantage of the Games

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Unlike mainstream video games, these simulation games cater to a niche crowd looking to entertain themselves without the spectacle of flashy visuals and loud background music. At best, it has been a lifeline for many who were bored during the pandemic’s initial onslaught. Forbes magazine even highlighted in an opinion piece that gaming has provided a way for people to cope during the pandemic, which in truth, is a good thing. With this in mind, you can say that it’s an excellent move to play simulation games if you’re bored. If it can help your well-being, then go for it.

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